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Letsmeditate Webmaster

Please do not hesitate to ask me a question. I will check in on this blog regularly to answer questions if possible.


Hi, I have been asked to watch my breath while practicing meditation. But I am not able observe whether I am inhaling or exhaling unless and until I do it forcibly. If I do forcible inhalation and exhalation, after sometime I become tired. How do I manage this and become aware of my breath??

Letsmeditate Webmaster

Hi Santosh. I have considered your question, and my answer to this is the following :
Watching your breathing is a meditation technique which is used to help you focus, and is not an objective in itself. The objective is to focus. So do not loose sight of this.
That said, there is nothing wrong with forcing your breathing, especially if you are just starting out. Just like an athlete has to train for the 10 mile run, you have to train for your meditation. You will find if you persist this becomes easier fairly quickly, and before you know it, this method of breathing will be a second nature, and you can focus on the things that matter. Like getting on with your meditation...
Hope this helps.


Letsmeditate Webmaster

I was thinking a little about our desperate attempt to find the truth of it all, and the question came to me. How would I know if the truth hit me right in the face. And it dawned on me. I probably wouldnt. I could make an educated guess, that I have found something. However in hindsight I have to wonder about all these truths that I found. They only remained true (for the most part) until I found the next truth. Yes perhaps one which built on the previous one, however in most instances, a new day brought a totally new realization. So thinking about this I was left with only one conclusion.

I cannot find something if I do not know what it is, so all I can really do is learn as much as possible (see the Wicca Library) and hopefully in amongs everything I might find the one thing that will continue to take me onwards and forward toward that ever eluding devine comprehension.