...Wondering where you're from?...

Wonder no more?..

You can find all the answers you are looking for right here, incl. :
  • Where do you go when you die?..
  • Where do you come from?...
  • Do we reincarnate?..
  • How do we reincarnate?..
  • Why do we reincarnate?..
  • Why do we exist?..
  • What is our purpose here and in life?..
  • What is MY purpose in life?..
  • Even things like spirit guides, parallel universus, and Deja vu explained..

Read, and have the secrets of the universe revealed to you, as you go along. Learn at your own pace with the help of some prodding from author.

This offers you some shortcuts to the answers for all the questions about reincarnation, which has plagued many for years. Questions which the author is now able to help you answer.

About this book

Though not commonly viewed in this way, when reading this book, it is likely that you will discover that the philosophy of Reincarnation is in fact a philosophy which can stand on it's own legs. A philosophy which does not require the support of an underlying religious belief to survive. And when viewed from a perspective which avoids any specific religious approach, it is possible to step outside of the confines of the spiritual and focus on constructing a working model of the reality of Reincarnation.

Following this, this book will lead you through a series of basic analogies which focus on using what we know, to figure out what we do not. Analogies which will guide your through a steady learning process by creating opportunities to self search and with a little guidance, find the answers yourself.

Using our physical known universe as a comparative model, the book will help you understand and make the connections between the body and the soul. You will gain knowledge about what causes Reincarnation, why it happens, how it happens, and what the point of it all is. Guiding you through some important and exciting concepts like "Time", and parallel universes you will ultimately be surprised with a rather controversial answer to the age old conundrum of " Why am I here?" and "What is my purpose in life?".

And when all is said and done, you can read the book once more. The book offers a multidimensional understanding of the topic, making it suitable for all levels of comprehension of the topic. So every time you read it, you will learn more, realise more and understand more towards gaining total control of your life and everything in it, to meet your wildest dreams and greatest expectations.

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