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Ever needed a diary in which you could record your meditation experiences?.. Found that it was a lot of trouble, to write down all the questions needing answers (on every page)?... Diary ever run out of space in the pages provided?... Ever loose a diary from last year?...

None of this need be a problem any more?...

This little program has been designed to curb these problems and has the following features :

  • Print as many pages as you need (so that you can sit and write in your diary directly after your meditation) :
    • Dated (date is printed on page) meditation diary page with questions on and answer spaces as well. Questions include :
      • Goal diarized from
      • Goal diarized to
      • Time spent in meditation today
      • Meditation objective for today?
      • Why did you choose this topic today?
      • What did you realize about this topic in meditation?
      • Did this give you what you were looking for? Did you achieve your objective? Why do you say this?
      • Do you believe that you have made progress to your objective, and why?
      • Has this led to any new meditation goals, and if so add to general list of primary objectives and list here?
    • Page which can be slotted in anywhere, for additional notes (lines)
    • Page which is numbered and can be slotted in anywhere, for listing of primary objectives
    • No limit to the date set for dated pages (you can print one day or 1 year or 10 years). All with the click of a button.
    • Format your dates on the dated pages to (dd/mm/yyyy) or (mm/dd/yyyy) by simple selection
    • On startup the program will automatically set the date (easily changeable by user) to the current date.
    • Print only the dates that you need
    • Page print colour is black so you have the most economical print, without loosing quality.
    • Very simple and easy to use.
    • Page size is A4 for all printed pages

    • BONUS FEATURE, a normal dated diary page (as many pages / dates as you wish).
      You will probably never have to buy a diary again.

  • Program is suitable for both Win98 and XP
Price : U$5.99
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Meditation Diary
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