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Through all times the saying "A healthy body is home to a healthy mind" has been commonly known.

And whilst there are many fairly successful methods of ensuring continued health and wellbeing, there is one which is very inexpensive, yet somewhat obscure, and not practiced by too many. BREATHING

Yes.. proper breathing is completely underrated for it's real value, and sadly the results of not breathing properly has a significantly detrimental affect on our overall health and wellbeing.

    To illustrate this we include here a few examples of what proper breathing can do for your body and in so doing your mind :
  • Increase your overall health. (more oxygen in your bloodstream will support better body imune defenses against illness)
  • Reduce the speed at which you age. (Lack of oxygen causes natural deterioration of cells in the body, which is in turn reinforced and better sustained by adequate oxygen)
  • Reduction of harmful toxins in the your blood stream, which increase oxygen. (more space for oxygen in your bloodstream)
  • Reduction of stress (Less toxins in your blood, reduces degenerative distress of cells, which reduces the physical stress on your body.)
  • and many.. many.. many.. more .....
So to address this specifically we have created some breathing exercises which we believe will enhance your life.

3 Breath Health Breath

The point of this breathing exercise is a quick, relaxation breathing exercise, which in 3 breaths is likely to destress you in the moment. This will help to calm nerves, and can be done anywhere, accompanied or not. This will increase your overall wellbeing and certainly assist you to get through your day without climbing the walls.

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Meditation length : 1:48 minutes ............. Download file size : 1650kb
This meditation is overlayed with the calming sounds of a babbling brook

10 Breath Health Breath

This is a somewhat more in depth exercise than the 3 breath, and is designed to have a more long term effect. The point of this breathing exercise is to help you relax, with a longer lasting effect. This exercise will also have a longer lingering sense of wellbeing, and the health benefits derived from doing this exercise regularly (about once a day) will have a long term postive effect on your overall wellbeing.

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Meditation length : 5:36 minutes ............. Download file size : 5164kb
This meditation is overlayed with the calming sounds of a babbling brook in the forest