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Learn How to Meditate

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  • Have you ever wanted to meditate but were not up to the hours of dedication usually required to get any real benefit?...
  • Are you a busy professional and have little time for meditation?...
  • Have you been looking for meditations which do not force you into some religious philosophy?...
  • Have you ever hoped to learn to control your physical wellbeing and health with your mind?...


Normally a lot of effort is required to get any real benefit from meditation, including hours of sitting still, and trying to focus your mind. Not only is this difficult without assistance, but is usually abandoned long before the meditator has had a chance to experience all that meditation has to offer.
    At LetsMeditate.net we have focussed on developing meditations and health aids which will resolve these problems:

  • We offer guided meditations which are quick (3 - 15minutes) which have been designed to not only help the meditator achieve certain meditation goals;
  • but offer benefit from meditation in minutes, that would normally require hours of preparation and practice.
  • Our meditations, and health aids, have also been designed to be useful to both beginners and advanced meditators, results are almost immediate.
  • Our meditations are graded in levels and working through them you will find that your meditation abilities will grow, and advance.

.. focus one's mind for a time for relaxation or spiritual purposes / think carefully about...

As suggested before, one of the most difficult aspects of meditation, and especially for beginners, is the ability to focus your mind for a period long enough to actually get benefit from a meditation.

And whilst there are many reasons for this the most prevalent would be a wondering mind, added to the lack of ability to concentrate long enough on one thought to derive significant benefit from this.

Fortunately practice will make perfect, and as you start and progress on your meditation journey you will find that your skills increase and your results with this.

Unfortunately however this is normally a fairly long and tedious process, which will require hours of practice runs and continued meditation efforts, before you as meditator will see any signficant results, and in some instances I have seen this could take up to 1-2 hours per day, for 2-3 months before any real results are visible, and sensible.

Sadly most will give up long before this, and essentially be lost to the benefits of meditation.

At LetsMeditate.net we have been able to create guided meditations from beginner level to advanced levels which will make it possible for you to get the maximum benefit from the least amount of effort and time.

In fact you will more than likely get some benefit the first time you use our guided meditations.

The guided meditations have been designed to focus your mind intensely without any significant effort from you, and in so doing have reduced the time needed for the same benefit. Noting that even though you are not required to exert significant effort, continued use of the meditations will have the effect that you will learn to concentrate and focus your mind better.

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"I have learnt how to meditate and am able to focus my mind to a degree where I am definitely getting benefit from my meditation sessions. I have no idea however what to do with this now... Please help?..."

Until now there has been no real simple solution to this question. In fact meditation resources out there will teach you how to meditate, but not what to do with it.

From experience we have discovered this problem as well, and have been able to solve this problem. And it is quite simple.

All you have to do is figure out what you want to achieve (mental health, physical health, spiritual enlightenment, simple relaxation.....etc.) and set yourself some meditation goals, that you can chase during your meditation sessions. (essentially thoughts to ponder during your sessions)

As I suspect you will discover, this is easier said than done. Accordingly we have focussed a number of our meditation designs on areas that you could possibly use to zoom in on some goals, plus make it possible for you to have some goals which you have not thought of as yet.

Essentially our designs are focussed on giving you a broad spectrum of meditations which are goal oriented and focussed on the best result in the quickest possible time.

"I have tried a few of the products available on this site, and am happy to let you know that I have derived tremendous benefit from all the meditations that I have purchased. They are to the point, and deliver on their promise. Thanks for great products."
Pavli Valis; South Africa.

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Why Meditate?

Whilst many religions and philosophies in the world make use of meditation for spiritual advancement, meditating does not necessarily have be connected or linked to a specific philosophy, as there are many non religious benefits that could be persued through meditation, including at least :
  • Better physical health
  • Better mental health and abilities
  • Less stress
  • Better sleeping habits
  • And of course could also include personal spiritual growth, even if not philosophically associated.
  • And many more not mentioned here....
However we suspect that only your meditations will really speak for the benefits you can derive from them.

To that end we invite you to try our meditiations, and health aids from as little as U$2.49. It is our belief that this will prove to be extremely valuable to you in coping with your everyday life..... It most definitely has been for us....

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