Meditation Course Part 2

Meditator level : Beginner - Intermeditate

If you have not completed the FREE course "Meditation course Part 1" I would suggest at this point that you do this course first, before attempting Part 2, as this will give you some background which may prove useful, in Part 2

Keeping this in mind here are the topics for Part 2 :

  • Why meditate
    And this is not an explanation of the benefits of meditation, (you probably already know these).
    This focusses more on what you can do with meditation.
  • Meditation goals
    Setting of, and managing your meditations so that you can achieve specific things in your
    meditations and your life.
  • Developing some skills - your first goals -
    This section is primarily focussed on helping you to develop some of the essential,
    and some non essential, skills which will help to empower your meditations,
    and get better results, including :
    • Controlling your thoughts
    • Breath to refocus
    • Visualization
    • Waking up
  • Chasing those goals
    Start to plan and execute some specific goals.
So if you think you are ready to tackle these topics.....

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